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Global Korean Scholarship (GKS)

If you’re interested in obtaining a Master’s degree from a Korean university, check out this great opportunity for a government scholarship!
Korean Food for Beginners

From kimchi to naengmyeon, learn about some of the famous dishes of Korea!

TaLK Safety Action Protocol Plan

Important information for all scholars outlining safety procedures in the event of a crisis or emergency.

The Answer is Always ‘Whole Brain Teaching’
- Lauren Bester
What TaLK has Taught Me
- Christine Nobin
TaLK Life : Teaching, Not Performing
- Ethan Biller
Meatless In Mokpo
- Margaret McLaughlin

Why aren’t you a TaeKwonDo master yet?
- Tania Sanclemente
The 18th Gen Orientation Experience : A Staff’s Perspective
- Pearl Kim
The Tales of a Black Girl
- Bongiwe Msimanga
What to Expect When You’re Expectingˇ to Move to South Korea?
- Raeleen Vasquez

Jiggish Juicy Jubilant Jeju
- Ming Hui Lee

Sceptical about all the great things you hear about the largest island off the coast of Korea? Well they’re true, and even better than you thought!
Winter in Korea, Wonderland in Namwon
- Bobby Lee

If you’re looking for a great winter getaway, look no further than the “City of Love”.

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