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Greetings and thank you for your interest in our TaLK Program!

For Korea, this is an exciting and the most demanding time for strengthening of public English education for the youth, especially in rural areas. In a new era when global-mindedness and cultural diversity bear paramount importance, the TaLK Program is without a doubt an initiative for advancement of English education and knowledge in Korea.

Sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and affiliated with the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), the TaLK Program offers a wonderful and rewarding opportunity for students from English-speaking countries. Participating students will be given the prospect to explore the rich, vibrant culture and dynamism of Korea, while at the same time offering their knowledge of English to Korean provincial areas where exposure to the English language is not taken for granted. In particular, for candidates of Korean ethnicity, this will be a meaningful occasion to better understand their cultural roots and discover a new sense of self identity.

The Ministry invites talented and service-minded individuals to partake in this innovative program in Korea. We look forward to your interaction, knowing that the program will offer a challenging yet valuable experience for you.

Seo Nam-soo
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) is a central Korean government entity that aims to strengthen national competitiveness and international cooperation through the cultivation of education, science and technology. MEST administers the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) and sponsors the Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) Program, among many other education and science programs.

The NIIED is an organization established in 1965 to support and solidify education and cultural identity for overseas Koreans and to enhance international exchange and cooperation. As an executive agency under the auspices of the MEST, NIIED plays a leading role in strengthening national competitiveness by developing international human resources among overseas Koreans, exchanging students under national government scholarship programs, and providing education administrative services.

The daily operations of TaLK are administered by the Seoul TaLK Office, a public English education support and recruitment team organized and managed by the NIIED.

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TaLK-affiliated Entities
Government Entities Role in the TaLK Program
  Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
   Establish policies and appoint supervisors
   Cooperate with other ministries to reform systems and regulations
   Procure and provide budgets
  Korean Embassies/Consulates    Advertise and recruit overseas
   Screen and recommend candidates, issue visas
  National Institute for International Education
  Teach and Learn in Korea
  (TaLK) Office
   Outline and announce invitation/application forms
   Produce and distribute advertising materials (brochures, posters, etc.)
   Public relations (visit universities & Korean-American associations, request    advertisement agencies)
   Maintain the TaLK Web site
   Plan and implement the TaLK preparatory orientation (three weeks), select    consignment agencies
   Perform final screening and confirmation of recipients
   Notify successful recipients and send arrival guide
   Issue air tickets and send them to recipients
  Provincial Office of Education
   Sign contract with scholars
   Plan and implement POE preparatory orientation (one week)
   Connect recipients with Korean university students
   Decide recipients’ school placement and provide support for adjustment
  Regional Organizations    Create provisions for regional experiential programs
   Support scholarship recipients’ activities
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 Breach of Contract
 Short-term Contract
Criminal Record Check
Duration in TaLK

  Dual Citizenship for
Overseas Koreans

Educational Background
Flight Ticket
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