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Resources The four-week preparatory TaLK orientation equips our scholars with the tools and materials necessary for teaching in the elementary school,and counsels for life in Korea.

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Extension Applications for August 2015 2015-04-27

Extension Application Forms are now available!

If your school has not yet received the official memorandum (공문) from your POE, it will most likely come later this week to early next week. Any questions about missing communication should be directed to your POE Coordinator and not the Seoul TaLK Office, as the deadline is set at the POE level.

Please read through the application form and the guidelines carefully, as the entire layout has changed along with a number of updates in its contents as well. Specifically, TaLK Scholars wishing to extend only have the option to do so for 6 Months.

Please ensure you adhere to the deadline as set forth by the POE.

Good luck, and happy TaLKing!

Seoul TaLK Office

* This announcement is applicable only to current active TaLK Scholars who are set to end their contract term on July 31st, and would like to apply to extend.

Attachment 3 원어민장학생안내문_TaLK_Scholarship_Extension_Guidelines.doc
4 원어민장학생작성양식_TaLK Scholarship Extension Application.doc