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Resources The four-week preparatory TaLK orientation equips our scholars with the tools and materials necessary for teaching in the elementary school,and counsels for life in Korea.

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Local Application Office Closure 2015-05-07

Greetings from the TaLK Office!

This announcement is to advise all applicable individuals that the Local Application Offices will be unavailable effective Monday, May 11th at 9:00am KST.

All new applications from that point onwards will be directed to the Seoul TaLK Office.

Individuals who have received contact from their local application office may continue to proceed with them unless otherwise specified by that respective office. This includes document submissions and execution of interviews if scheduled.

Please note that the deadline is for the Initial Online Application Submission, and does not relate to the actual closure of the application season. Applications may continue to be submitted and processed.

Happy TaLKing!

Seoul TaLK Office

Fast Questions and Answers
Q: I started my application with so-and-so office. Does that date mean I failed automatically?
A: No. It simply means that the local application offices are not accepting NEW applications.

Q: If I haven't applied yet, how do I apply for the TaLK Program after May 11th?
A: The application process remains the same: You must apply online, however, please select Seoul as the local application office. Please note that all correspondences, including document submissions, will be done directly with the Seoul TaLK Office.

Q: When is the absolute deadline when everything must be in?
A: There is no set deadline for the Seoul TaLK Office, however, complete submissions that happen sooner generally have a better chance at success versus later submissions. As time goes on, available placements diminish while the competition and pool of applicants grow.

Q: How many placements are left?
A: The TaLK Office does not disclose information on placement availability numbers or any other statistics regarding application success.