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Resources The four-week preparatory TaLK orientation equips our scholars with the tools and materials necessary for teaching in the elementary school,and counsels for life in Korea.

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TaLK Office - Application Closure 2015-06-01

Greetings from the TaLK Office!

This post is to follow up with the announcement made on Tuesday, May 12th. Effective immediately, the TaLK Program will no longer be accepting new applications. The Teach and Learn in Korea Program announced a couple months ago about the uncertainty of the continuance of our program, and at the time of this announcement, it is still the case. While our office is still under current and active discussions regarding the future of the TaLK Program, due to the uncertain nature of the 2016 year onwards, and having a significant amount of applicants for the immediate term, we are unable to accept any new applications at this point in time.

Our office will be updating the announcement section of the TaLK Website with more details regarding the future prospects of our program as they are confirmed and can be made available.

Quick Questions and Answers
I initially went through a local application office that was NOT Seoul. Now that those offices are closed, where can I direct my remaining document(s) to?
Please send all remaining documents directly to the Seoul TaLK Office. Failure to do so can result in significant delays in processing your application, as the local application offices do not send documents in a real-time, ongoing basis. Our address can be found here.

I already submitted an application. Does that mean its too late now?
Those who have already submitted an application may continue onwards. However, with the closure of the application period, this does indicate that competitiveness is up with total number of available placements now known to our office.

How many spots are available? What is my chance at success?
Information regarding specific statistics and prospects of success cannot be stated by the TaLK Office due to normal operating policies. Specifically, the probability of success is determined by the strength of any given application versus the competitiveness of the total pool, which cannot be easily determined as well.

I am interested in applying to TaLK. Is there any way this is still possible?
As the TaLK Office is no longer receiving applications, to ensure fair treatment to all applicable individuals, it will not be possible to apply to the TaLK Program at this point. While we do regret that we are unable to continue receiving the applications of interested individuals, our office and the recruitment stage has reached a point in the application review and selection timeline that requires us to focus on the upcoming term, including the preparation of the National Orientation and related tasks, as well as conducting the interviews still remaining.