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Resources The four-week preparatory TaLK orientation equips our scholars with the tools and materials necessary for teaching in the elementary school,and counsels for life in Korea.

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Extension Announcement Updates 2015-06-05

Greetings from the TaLK Office!

[Updated: Monday, June 8th at 11:54am]

As of this morning, the official memorandum has been sent out to all POEs informing them of the final decision of their scholars' extension applications.

This information is expected to make its way down to the school level within the next day or two. Those who have not been deemed successful will be sent an email from the Seoul TaLK Office within today.


[Old Notice: Friday, June 5th at 4:17pm]

This notice is to provide an update to all TaLK Scholars who have applied to extend their term for the upcoming 15th Generation term.

The results have been tallied and compiled and are set for disbursement, but we are awaiting approval in accordance with internal office and government procedures. Once this approval is received, the applicable memorandums will be disbursed to the POE, and will make its way down to the schools in due time.

We expect the go-ahead notice to be provided to our office either later today on Friday June 5th or at the latest, Monday June 8th.

The TaLK Office sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the delays, and would like to assure you that they have all been processed and with the POEs pending notification deliveries.

This announcement will be replaced with one that confirms the delivery of confirmed extensions once it has been sent out from the Seoul TaLK Office to each respective Office of Educations.

Seoul TaLK Office




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  • The MOE is a central government entity sponsoring the TaLK Program.
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