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The TaLK Program is a Korean Government Scholarship Program designed to support. English education in the public sector, particularly in the rural areas of South Korea.

TaLK, a program tantamount to

an international teaching internship, invites native English speakers to teach English at a rural elementary school while learning about the different facets of Korean culture. The TaLK Program is administered by the National Institute for International education (NIIED), a central government organization under the auspices of the Ministry of Education (MOE). Inspired by President Lee Myungbak in 2008, the program’s mission is to strengthen English education in the rural areas by providing a chance of young children to interact with a native English speaker.

Since its establishment, the program has successfully recruited, trained, and managed over 3,000 TaLK participants, or ‘TaLK Scholars.’ Through TaLK, participants from Australia, Canada, Ireland New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and US are given the opportunity to exchange languages and cultures while teaching and living in Korea.

Teach and Learn in Korea

Most of the Program’s

participants are undergraduates from accredited universities and colleges in the aforementioned countries, with a background in education, English or Korean studies.

Overseas Koreans and Korean Nationals are encouraged to join the program to reconnect with their heritage while providing an invaluable public service to the rural community. Overseas Koreans in their first or second year of undergraduate studies are eligible to apply.

  • 교육부
  • The MOE is a central government entity sponsoring the TaLK Program.
  • International Education
  • EPIK (English Program In Korea)

TaLK Pre-

Provides insight about what to
expect after joining the TaLK


TaLK In-Service

Enhances TaLK Scholars’
teaching capabilities



Assists interested individuals with
the application process