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Teach and Learn in Korea English education in the public sector, particularly in the rural areas of South Korea.

The Ministry of Education

is one of the executive bodies of the South Korean Government. Since 1948, MOE has assumed the responsibility of establishing and reforming education policies, standardizing public school exams and the national curriculum, and funding domestic and international programs. To achieve its vision to advance the country through education, the Ministry of Education oversees and financially supports the endeavors of the National Institute for International Education (NIIED).

Ministry of Education

The National Institute for
International Education

National Institute for International Education

is an executive government organization under the Ministry of Education (MOE). Established in 1962 to enhance international exchange and cooperation, NIIED plays a key role in the development of human resources, cultivation of cultural identity for overseas Koreans and allocation of government scholarships to international students.

Under NIIED, there are two nationally recognized public school English programs strengthening English education in Korea: English Program in Korea (EPIK) and Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK). Both EPIK and TaLK Office are under the Department of Foreign Language Education Support of NIIED.

  • 교육부
  • The MOE is a central government entity sponsoring the TaLK Program.
  • International Education
  • EPIK (English Program In Korea)

TaLK Pre-

Provides insight about what to
expect after joining the TaLK


TaLK In-Service

Enhances TaLK Scholars’
teaching capabilities



Assists interested individuals with
the application process