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Why TaLK The TaLK Program is sponsored by the Ministry of Education administered by the National Institute for International Education(NIIED), and supervised by the provincial/metropolitan offices of education(POE/MOE).

Our Scholars enjoy a life

Our Scholars enjoy a life of not only teaching but also exploring the culture- thereby producing new vivid memories to reflect upon for a lifetime. Through our Program, Scholars are expected to create unique and creative English lessons, motivate their classes toward a higher achievement of English proficiency, and serve as a role model to the community; Korean and foreign alike. The spirit of our Program encourages a life of exploration both inside the classroom and out of it, offering numerous opportunities for our Scholars to expand as an individual, and learn about the culture of our Program as we reach out to rural areas and excite schoolchildren to approach, engage, and improve upon their English skill set.

Successful applicants are awarded the titles, South Korean Government ‘TaLK Scholar’, and have the full support of the Korean education government behind them. The TaLK Scholarship is an opportunity for our Scholars to apply concepts and knowledge acquired from inside the classroom, and lead a classroom of Grades 1 through 6 as an English as a second language instructor. The TaLK Program places an emphasis on awarding scholarships to Education and English majors, but not limited to this. Our Scholars fulfill roles as ambassadors abroad from their respective countries to South Korea and its education system.

Teach and Learn in Korea

We expect our Scholars to act as community leaders, leading with exemplary behavior and a sense of work ethic that encourages the increased growth and future of our already successful Program. The TaLK Program has had over 3,000 active participants, and your successful application and participation in the Program continues our tradition of providing international ESL teachers, and leaders, both here, as well as back home.

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  • The MOE is a central government entity sponsoring the TaLK Program.
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