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Why TaLK The TaLK Program is sponsored by the Ministry of Education administered by the National Institute for International Education(NIIED), and supervised by the provincial/metropolitan offices of education(POE/MOE).

The TaLK Scholarship

is an opportunity for our Scholars to apply concepts and knowledge acquired from inside the classroom, and lead a classroom of Grades 1 through 6 as an English as a second language instructor. The TaLK Program places an emphasis on awarding scholarships to Education and English majors, potential applicants entering their 3rd or 4th years of Undergraduate study, and recently graduated Undergraduates.

These scholarships provide accommodation, entrance and exit allowances for airfare, field trips, and a monthly stipend that more than covers the average Scholar’s living costs. Successful applicants are awarded the titles, South Korean Government ‘TaLK Scholar’, and have the full support of the Korean education government behind them.

Teach and Learn Korea. Have the full support of the Korean education government behind them.

  • 교육부
  • The MOE is a central government entity sponsoring the TaLK Program.
  • International Education
  • EPIK (English Program In Korea)

TaLK Pre-

Provides insight about what to
expect after joining the TaLK


TaLK In-Service

Enhances TaLK Scholars’
teaching capabilities



Assists interested individuals with
the application process