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Why TaLK The TaLK Program is sponsored by the Ministry of Education administered by the National Institute for International Education(NIIED), and supervised by the provincial/metropolitan offices of education(POE/MOE).

Established in April of 2008

the TaLK Program (Teach and Learn in Korea Program) is designed by the South Korean Government to award current undergraduates and recent university graduates with the opportunity to contribute their English speaking abilities and transition this ability into the skill of becoming an international English teacher. With full government support, the TaLK Program consistently offers many benefits other teaching Programs in South Korea are simply unable to award.

Our Scholars are supported not only by their local Public Elementary schools in which they are placed (in the form of Korean Mentor teachers, school staff), their local Provincial Office of Education (or POE), but also the Main Seoul TaLK Office of whom the staff consists of former TaLK Scholars working with applicants as they approach the Program for potential participation.

To be eligible
for the TaLK scholarship,

To be eligible for the TaLK scholarship, prospective applicants must be a graduate or current undergraduate students with at least 2 years of academic completion from an accredited post- secondary institution, as well as hold current citizenship from one of these following major English-speaking nations: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Teach and Learn in Korea

TaLK Program offers teaching scholarships in which successful applicants are placed in public Elementary schools with an emphasis on placement in the rural areas of South Korea. Before placement, Scholars are trained in a safe, supervised setting for one month with one another, fostering a successful base for ESL teaching through the use of practicum, special speakers, hands-on classes, and various cultural activities, before becoming the tenured TaLK Scholar in the schools for the duration of their official government contracts.

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