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Apply Now TaLK is akin to paid international teaching internship and offers a short-term work study. For students who want to develop a global mindset and sharpen their teaching skills before graduating college.

The TaLK Program is offered biannually

... with terms normally starting at the beginning of February and August of each year.

* Please create an account via the top right 'Login' button to begin.


Online Application
1.Create a TaLK
My Page Account
2.Fill-out and submit Applications A&B on
My Page

2Preliminary Screening

3.Local application office will
call to set-up an Interview date
4.Complete the interview with the
local application office

Standard Applicants in Ireland and South Africa are advised to select the Seoul option as your local application office.

Submit Materials
5.Submit hard copies of required documents in person or via post mail to the local application office


Korean Embassy/
Consulate Review
6.Wait while your documents
are placed under initial review

You will be notified of Initial screening results via e-mail

TaLK Office
7.Wait while your documents
are placed under final review

The TaLK Office may email or call for an Interview


Online Application
8.Receive accept e-mail
and accept or decline the scholarship offer on
My Page
9.Carefully read all materials in the acceptance package

Acceptance package will be sent via e-mail and requires a response within seven(7) days or the offer will be rescinded

5Preparation for Korea

Flight Ticket
10.Applicants must purchase their flight ticket to the designated airport for that intake period. Applicants are also expected to enter their arrival information on My Page for shuttle preparation to the orientation venue.
11.An Entrance Allowance to offset some of the costs will be provided

All flight ticket information(Flight number, date and time of arrival) must be submitted via My Page

12.All applicants
except Korean citizen must obtain an E2-2 or F4 visa. Those who arrive into Korea without a valid visa will be required to leave to obtain the appropriate visa at their own cost.

6Arrival in Korea

13.Pickup from the airport by TaLK Orientation Leaders
14.Participate in the General TaLK Preparatory Orientation and the POE/MOE Orientation
15.Arrive at school
and start teaching English and learning about Korea!